I'm Kandice

I've been married to Andy for almost a decade and we have been together for longer than that. We have two gorgeous, sassy blondie babies and they're pretty much the center of our universe.
^^ This is an old photo, we desperately need new, non iPhone family portraits done!

We have lived from the East coast to the West coast and traveled the world over, individually and together. 
We always seem to come back "home," to the South. We ping ponged between Andy's home state of Tennessee and my home state of Arkansas for years before we made the decision to be Arkansans for life (or until our kids graduate and go to college... maybe??)

Just kidding, Andy would rather eat dirty socks before he called the Hogs (he may have called them  once or twice though... shhhhh!)

I create really fun lunches for my kids and thats sort of how this blog happened. It used to be called "We Aren't Scared of Sugar," until I let my domain name lapse and well......

I stopped blogging for a while so it was no big deal. Then one day, I missed it. But, I needed a new domain name.
Since we decided to stay put for the first time ever (12 moves in 10 years, y'all).. the name kind of clicked

and here we are.
almost 4 years in this place
and while when I think about it I freak out a little bit
and I'm so happy to call this wild west town HOME.

This little blog is the sometimes story of my life, our lives..
when I can remember to post!
Thank you for stopping by!

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