Its Saturday morning, the coffee is hot, the fall weather is ... hot[ter than usual], the leaves are turning... and the Poirier household has experienced so many changes over the last two weeks.

Sunday, October 23, we lost my sweet Papa. My Papa John was the most incredible man. He was a man of few words, really... but when he did talk he was always one of two things: kind and sweet, or just plain hilarious. My Papa loved to make jokes. He was also so worried about all of us grand kids and great grand kids.. from our lack of socks any time it wasn't 100 degrees outside to other kids causing us to fall down when we were playing.

When Andy and I began dating, and it was time to "meet the parents," I went to Tennessee to meet his family. I had never gone on a road trip all alone before and my Papa was so worried about me. He gave me one of his atlases (he was an over the road truck driver), and he highlighted my trip for me so I wouldn't get lost. He was so familiar with my route he even told me the safe places to stop for gas. I was so young back then, I don't even remember what happened to that atlas... I wish I had it today. I would from the route he highlighted and hang it in my living room. I have this weird love for maps and maybe that is where it comes from.

He was always the kindest man. Solid and firm, and though he traveled often because of his job, it was apparent to anyone that knew him that his roots were planted deep and he was the anchor, the safe haven of the Brewer family. He was our constant, he was there when we needed him and when we didn't and his presence was always comforting and reassuring. My sweet Papa. I love him so much and I pray that I do a good job painting and maintaining a vivid memory of him for my children. They are so fortunate that they had their great grandpa for so long. My children have his blue eyes, Olivia has his eye shape and both have those same baby blues he had.

John Raymond Brewer, JR. 
Beloved Papa
Always in our hearts