Five On Friday!!

ahhhh FRIDAY.
All the friYAY snaps, y'all. I love seeing my friends' pretty faces!! :)

This has been a crazy busy, but super fun week! I feel like I say that every week now. AND look at me, blogging multiple times in one week!

Fridays are my days off and I have been loving them. Coffee, catching up on my favorite blog posts.... I'll leave out the part about catching up on homework.

Five On Friday...

//ONE// Junior League has officially started up for the year and I am so so glad that I decided to stay in League! I am on the Project GEM committee and this week we had our first session. I failed so hard at finding someone to come speak but another girl on the committee came through and saved me. Her speaker was fabulous and I'm actually kind of glad I couldn't find someone since the man she brought in was so good. He taught the little girls about self defense and the dangers of abduction, and how to try to run away. SUCH GOOD info! We also had to officers from the FSPD come in and teach about internet safety, which was also SO GOOD. I was so proud to be a part of that even if I didn't get the speaker I intended. The women on my committee are super nice and I'm glad to get to know them better and make friends. Just another reason I love Fort Smith.

//TWO// Bible Journaling kicked off on Monday. At my church, St. John's Episcopal Church, we have "small groups ministries" (I actually think I call the small group something different every time, but there are so many KINDS of groups....). This year my Vino League is going on its 3rd year, and I'm starting a Bible journaling group. The turn out was small (me, Sophia, and one lady from church), but it will grow. I had a blast and so did Sophia and Mariko. It is a fun way to grow our relationships with each other and also grow our connection to Christ.

//THREE// I did really well sticking to "clean" eating and smaller portions. Well, with the exception of last night. I took my lunch every day to work and ate really well for all other meals. Today while the kids are in school I'm going to hit up the local health food store for some ACV and a couple bottles of booch. I'm torn between trying new flavors that I may not like OR going to Squash Blossom because they're the only place that consistently carry my fave... GT's strawberry serenity. If I go to 3 different stores I can get all 3 of my favorite flavors... they're all over town though and I just doubt that will happen!

//FOUR// My 2017 Erin Condren Life Planner came in yesterday!! I am SO excited! I won't elaborate much on this because I added photos to my story on both insta & snap. Just know its pink with flamingos and my name looks adorable and I got the rose gold coil. L O V E

//FIVE// Music on the lawn at the Clayton House was so nice last night! The Sara Lyons Band played and they were so good! My friends from work came out and I saw some other friends around too. I brought the wine and April brought the cheese plate and we had a nice time. The weather was amazing and the Clayton House was, as always, perfect. I credit that to Julie, if you ever go there ask for her! She is such a special lady.

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