Mid-Summer update

Summer time, and the livin' is easy...

I just finished up my first semester back in college! WHEW! It ended last Friday and my new semester began on Monday.. yes, the 4th! I knew it was coming but I think I wasn't prepared to jump right from one subject to another! I'm enjoying "being a student" again, but I'm also just so so ready for next spring so I can graduate already!

June 29th was my 32nd birthday. THIRTY-TWO, y'all. Life is crazy when you think about it. I can not believe I'm thirtyfreakingtwo years old. I had a great day, Andy and the girls got me a Lumee case for my iPhone (seriously, coolest thing everrrrrr!), and we had sushi with friends. Once we got home there was a slow trickle of people stopping by for drinks and it was just really wonderful. The weather was great to sit on the deck and enjoy the breeze! Not a very common June evening down here in Arkansas!

We had a nice July 4th weekend.. kind of. We went to my parents' house Friday evening and stayed until Sunday evening. We took our kids and my nieces to the lake, we swam, my brothers grilled, my mom made a birthday cake for all our June birthdays (5 of us have June birthdays!). Sunday night we stopped at my grandparents' for dinner and some visiting time. There is never enough time when we go back "home." I always wish for more precious minutes with the ones that matter so much.

I love watching the fireworks on Greers Ferry Lake every year with my whole family!!

both selfies were taken in the dark with the lumee case!! LOVE IT!

We have had a pretty fabulous summer so far. It has been busy with work and school for me and Andy, and t-ball, tennis, and playdates for the girls. 

I do plan to be better at updating this little blog! I have a few posts in mind (including one very fabulous tween-brunch-party that any and every 12 year old girl will love!) and the school year will begin soon! Sophia is going into kindergarten so I will be making creative lunches again! Olivia will be in junior high, so she's out for the whole "my mom packs my lunch" thing. 

My new job is incredible and I really like it. I work with some wonderful ladies (they even got me flowers on my birthday! They barely know me! It was so, so sweet!!) and the work is fun and rewarding. I wish I could say the same about homework and college!! haha! 

Ok, time to go get things ready for dinner. Tonight we are grilling chicken and ka-bobs. We have half a watermelon left and I can't wait to eat it! hashtag summer 2 k sixteen... y'all! :) 


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