Family Hike + the active family

Good morning! I have been dying to update this little blog all week long but I just haven't been able to get to it! I think that being so busy is a good thing though. Next week will move a little slower and I am happy for that and also wondering what I will use to fill the time. Just kidding, there's plenty to do. Laundry and dishes never end, right!?

I have been trying to focus on being more active as a family. Plus, the weather has been phenomenal and why wouldn't we be outside? Two weekends ago we hiked the Lake Alma trail, both kids made it almost four miles! I was so proud! There were some steep climbs in there for the kiddos but they were champs. 

I don't think our time was too bad at all considering Sophia is only 5! 

Last weekend we went out to the Ozark National Forest and hiked the rim trail of White Rock Mountain. SO. GORGEOUS. The weather was amazing and the views were perfection!

This trail was a lot easier than Lake Alma, simply because it was not as long or as steep. Lots of rocks on this trail and SO MANY great places to stop and take in the view!

We let Olivia bring a friend and I think it made the trip much more pleasurable for her. They both had a ton of fun! 

We are headed out to hike a new area in the morning. I'm super excited! We had plans to camp but after re-checking the weather, it looks like rain is moving in and well, we may be ok to camp in the rain but I don't think the kids would enjoy it at all. Maybe next time. 

Overall, I think the family is really enjoying these weekend hikes. I am ready for it to really be spring so we can start overnighting. I am also dying to head back to Tennessee for some hiking with Rachel. Maybe even a week of hiking along the Appalachian Trail! I am dreaming of it. :) 

Until next time, 

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