Aloha, Monday

Good morning!

I know I haven't posted in about two weeks. I don't want the internet lunch fan club to think I dropped the bento ball this early in the school year!

I haven't.

We had this family vacation scheduled

Then we had a family emergency. My youngest brother was hit by a car while he was riding his motorcycle home from work. Without going into all the details, it was a very close call and his helmet probably saved his life. He has a very long road to recovery ahead. I haven't even gotten to see him yet because Andy's been out of town for most of the days I've been able to go, and I think having the kids around would cause more stress than recovery for him.

But we are home now and things are getting back to normal (for us, but I would appreciate any extra healing vibes and prayers for my brother that you've got). I did pack a bento this morning, but I didn't photograph it because well, I'm not the best at Monday's and I had to leave rush rush early to go pick up my first Zaycon Fresh order, which I will blog about later! Great experience!

I hope you're all off to a wonderful start this week! I'll be back tomorrow! xo