I have clicked "start new post" probably 15 times since I last posted here.

My brother is recovering well, thanks for all that inquired and included him in your prayers!

We have been pretty busy with the girls' ballet classes, school, work, opening a store, traveling, enjoying this beautiful weather, and spending as much time as we can with our friends and family. Friends more than family lately, I feel like I'll never make it home to my family again! I'm happy to be so busy.

I haven't been lunching much. I made some homemade vegetable soup and Olivia has been taking it in a thermos for her lunches this week.. not much to photograph there! I've been trying to do more for my store's social media vs my own (go follow @BARfortsmith on all social media right now!). I am also not feeling so hot this week so I've been just watching a lot of netflix. It happens.

We had Sophia's birthday party 2 weeks ago, my family came up and Andy's mom came in. It was fun having all our parents sleep over! We painted pumpkins and had bobbing for apples, pumpkin juice & butterbeer. Yeah, just like in Harry Potter! :) Last weekend was fun too, Nikki & I had a booth at survivors challenge and then we had vino league at our house that night. Sunday, we didn't leave the couches all day. IT WAS AWESOME.

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