Yubo Wednesday

Good morning! Today it was so hard to get up and get moving! It is pouring rain, thundering, and lightening.. perfect sleeping weather! I'm so, so excited because the low tonight is 54 degrees. In August. Beyond giddy, actually! 

Today's lunch is packed in one of our three Yubo boxes! Yubo is probably my favorite. Ok, its a tie between Yubo and Lunchbots. They're my favorites for different reasons! :)

Olivia has 2 BBQ Chicken Rolls (same as yesterday, and recipe from 2 days ago), a couple of marshmallow ropes (found those at TJ Maxx the other day), banana bread from our so so sweet neighbor, gummies, strawberries and mini chocolate chips, and metallic sixlets, and a grapefruit. Those containers might LOOK small, but that is almost an entire grapefruit! Only one slice wouldn't fit. And, if I'd squished really hard, it probably would have.

The only thing I don't really love about the Yubo is there isn't a place to put a drink. I think they make an attachment drink carrier for the box now, but we don't have one and for the life of me I never think to order one until I'm sending the kids off to school with their drinks in their backpacks. Which is a lot, since we have 3 of these cute boxes!

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