Glorious 55

This morning it is 55 degrees, y'all. FIFTY FIVE. In August. I think I'm in Heaven!

Since its the first week of school, I've been pretty on top of things, excited for a new year of bento blogging, waking up early. Olivia has been up by 0630 every morning so she can have time to straighten her hair (I mean, stop growing already please, miniature adult. Tweenager that she is!) I've actually been putting her lunches together in the evenings as I  put away dinner leftovers and clean the kitchen back up. Its easier to do it in the evenings when she's taking something left over from dinner; it saves me the trouble of putting it away and then getting it back out in the morning to pack her lunch.

Well, on Wednesday nights I take a yoga class, so there isn't any good light leftover to photograph the lunch when I get back home. So this morning I made her lunch and photographed it in the gorgeous, cool misty 55 degree morning. It was quite nice!

In the lunchbot we have peanut butter sushi, marshmallow twists, a babybel, dehydrated raspberries, and trail mix (almonds, cashews, dried cranberries). She also has an apple sauce and some blueberry crackers packed separately.

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