Dear Erin, Take My Money!

Yeah, y'all read that right. She can just take my money. Erin Condren, that is. I finally did it, I finally, finally purchased an Erin Condren Life Planner. I'm so excited! It doesn't even ship to me until August 13, lightyears from now, surely!

I got the leopard print planner, with the rest of 2015 added in. I mean, I saw the cute stickers and accessories and I just couldn't wait until 2016 to have that gorgeous planner in my life!! I'm so, so pumped. So in honor of my super adorable new planning habit, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite ECLP accessories!

I love everything gold so these stickers were an obvious win! You can buy these for your ECLP here!

I got both of these sticker sets, I LOVE them! They're perfect for keeping up with my gym schedule, running with Nikki, and keeping me motivated! They're going to be especially awesome when BAR opens up! You can buy these sticker sheets here!

I also got all these stickers! I LOVE the gradients! And the coffee date stickers are adorable, and probably going to be my favorites. I'm the queen of coffee dates, just ask my friends. You can buy these stickers for your ECLP here!

I seriously love these hydrate stickers. I didn't get them yet but they are on the list! You can buy them here!

These will probably be my next sticker purchase! Because its almost fall, y'all! I love them! You can grab these for your ECLP here!

So those are my favorite stickers right now. I haven't even started looking at washi tape! I did join a cute Facebook group for planner buddies. You get a buddy and then send ECLP accessory care packages. How adorable is that!? Starting with a new planner feels so fresh, and its refreshing to be facing a "clean slate" in the middle of the year. ;)

So, of course you love what I just showed you!! Right!? If you want $10 off your planner purchase, click my referral link right HERE! Happy shopping!!

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