Fall is...

a zillion things. Leaves falling, jumping in leaf piles, pumpkin spice lattes, crisp morning runs, hot cocoa, decorating for halloween, apples, pumpkin EVERYTHING...

and crockpot meals!


Which means, lunch making is about to get even easier.

this lunch is packed in our Laptop Lunchbox container!

You only need 3 ingredients for the sauce!
- organic, high fructose corn syrup-FREE ketchup
- bragg's liquid aminos or some coconut aminos (or whats-his-shire (hobbits, anyone!?) sauce, but make sure you read the ingredients!)
- low sodium soy sauce (also make sure you read the ingredients)

Don't even worry about mixing these in a bowl, first. Shred your meat and then just put the 3 sauces in the bowl with it and mix together. If you like spicier stuff, toss in some red pepper flakes.

The BBQ wraps pictured above are on a spinach tortilla. Olivia also had hummus and carrots, kiwi berries, and banana bread (recipe here) with PB Crave Cookie Nookie for dipping, that I topped with a few Enjoy Life Foods gluten/dairy free chocolate chips. 


Oh Emm Geeeee

just. wow. It has been far, far too long!

We have been so so so oooooo very busy here in the Poirier household! I mean.. I haven't blogged in nearly two months!!!

Besides just making fabulous lunches, we've been working on our house, re-arranging our lives, trying to spend as much time together as possible! For what reason? Just.. that we love each other. My family is thriving. This is something I'm very proud of!

Ok, ok.. enough talking... time for some LUNCHES!

I'm going to post my favorite ones first, in my favorite boxes- our brand spanking new YUBO tall boxes!

When you see them and love them (and you will) you can grab your own right here: http://www.getyubo.com

Tell them Kandice Poirier sent you.... I don't get a reward or anything, but I want them to know how much I appreciate and love them! You will, too.

I love the Yubo so much, with its ice pack. Love love love. We're going to the pumpkin patch in a couple of weeks and our Yubos will be going along, too. But, not in lunchbox form. Well, in lunchbox form, but not in the traditional form. More like.. coolers. SO COOL. Get it... because I love the ice pack? :P hahaha

A couple of other lunches since the last time I blogged:

*whew* That is a LOT of lunches! 

Look out tomorrow for an easy-peasy BBQ recipe!! And if you're in Arkansas, make sure you check ArkansasPTA.org in a couple of days for the latest newsletter- and an article written by yours truly about healthy lunches for our kiddos!