Puppies in a blanket

hahahahaha. All I can do is laugh about this one!!

I have been spending quite a lot of my spare time on pinterest lately. I mean, that is what you do when you have a new house to paint, decorate, and love, right? I thought so.

Well, when I saw these adorable puppies in a blanket (yeah, hot dogs wrapped in biscuits), I decided I would make them for dinner for the kiddos. ONLY I didn't repin, or even like the post. So of course I couldn't find it again.... Just these ridiculous photos of a weenie dog in a hot dog bun.

cute, yeah? 

I did find someone else's failed attempt on their blog, so I used that image as a guide.... of course I can't find that photo again or the link! UGH!

After my failed attempt (that still tasted delicious, according to the kids!), I found an awesome version here:

I wish I had found this blog before I tried to make the others.

Ok... now, here's the moment you've been reading for.. my EPIC FAIL at puppy dogs!


Seriously, they're so terrible! And thats ok, I know they are! I made a huge mistake using regular biscuits and not crescent rolls. They puffed up SUPER HUGE in the oven and stuck to each other. This little puppy is missing a nose for sure. The OP I tried to use had rolled the dough into strips and draped over the hot dog to make ears, and paws. I didn't do that. Anyway... I will probably try to do this again another time. With the right biscuit product. 

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