My Bento Wish List {back to school edition}

School bells will be ringing and summer will be over, before we know it. I have always loved "back to school" time, even as a kid, because I love fresh notebooks, new pencils, school clothes shopping, getting that brand new pair of keds hi-tops in black (can you tell I was a child of the early 90s? 1990-1996, kindergarten through 6th grade, I always started school with fresh keds and fresh LA gear).

Now I'm always super excited to take Olivia shopping for new clothes, shoes, school supplies... and most of all, BENTO GEAR!! Bento gear is probably my favorite. I order all bento supplies without her input, because I love the surprise she gets at lunch time each day.

Here are the items I will be purchasing for myself Olivia and Sophia's bento stash this 2013-2014 school year!

This great box makes me super excited. If you didn't know, our last name means Pear or Pear Tree in french. I find it totally fitting that my little Pie girls have pear lunch boxes! Snag your own Pear box here!

I love these little forrest friends! Andy and I watch Brickleberry and I could totally see myself making him a Daniel Tosh as the bear lunch! :) Get your forrest friends here!

I LOVE GNOMES!! No explanation necessary! Grab your gnomies here!

I love these leaves, and I have wanted them since I started bento in 2010. I'm not sure why I haven't ordered any yet? You can grab some here!

These adorable silicone baran sheets! Get your own set here!

You had me at peas in a pod. Silicone food cups available here!

All images courtesy BentoUSA.com 

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