I'm alive, I promise!

And, while I've been living, I've also been making bento!

Here's the dealio. I don't have a DSLR anymore, so bear with me as far as photos go. I plan to get another one soon, but I had a d7000 and I hardly ever used it. So, I sold it. I want to downgrade to a canon rebel or something. Professional photography is a thing of my past, and for family snapshots and bento pics, I don't need anything crazy!

So, without any further mumbling, here are a few bentos from last week!

a totally upside down, awful bento. This is when we just moved in to our home and had for real, zero groceries! crackers, lunch meat (snagged at walgreens a few blocks away), pb sandwich, dry cereal, pita chips. YIKES.

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