Go Green Lunchbox Review

I love it when new products give me the opportunity to use & review them! So a great big thank you to Go Green Lunchboxes is in order!

I got my Go Green in February, at the beginning of the month. I have waited to review it so I could use it a couple of times to really get to know it. I know, that sounds so silly, its a lunchbox, not a person! But truly, each box is different, and with such space, there are lots of opportunities and options to work out.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this lunchbox. Olivia really likes it because "It keeps my lunch SUPER safe, mom!"

What is she talking about? All the clicks and switches, of course! I'm not really certain about the little black "rope" buckles that hang off the edges of one side. They fasten together, connecting the lid to the container. This is really awesome if your kid loses the lids to their lunch box. OR it could be really bad, if your kid sits across from an overly excited child that decides to grab the lid, yanking your kid's lunch into the floor. Hopefully, your child sits across from someone reserved. haha.

This box is really, really huge. I love that about it. Its easy to pack it for a 3rd grader, though. Just don't pack really small food. ;) In bento, often the best, most creative lunches contain many small elements jammed together in a small box to create an aesthetically pleasing lunch. I feel like the Go Green Lunchbox is for a more traditional style lunch, like the Easy Lunchboxes containers are. I find that I tend to pack a more "traditional" style lunch in containers that are divided. My most "bento" style lunches tend to be in containers like the Lunchbot or authentic boxes from BentoUSA. 

I love the water bottle that came with the GGL. Its the perfect size and the fact that it has a designated place INSIDE the lunchbox makes me super happy. 

This is the bag that GGL sent with the box. I love the bag. It is super durable, its a cooler-bag, and the whiteboard for writing notes is "probably the coolest thing in a lunchbox, ever!" according to Olivia. There are lots of fun prints available for the bags. I kind of want them all!
I also really like the little hang tag off the bag where I wrote Olivia's name and phone number. She tends to forget her lunchbox at school a little more often than I'd like. 

The only real thing I totally dislike about this Go Green Lunchbox are the little rubber bands around the dividers in the lid. They're there to create a super tight, leak-proof seal. And they work! So thats cool. I just hate having to take them out of their little space, and clean them. But, I learned the hard way.... if you don't, they will grow mold/mildew and be a PITA for you to clean after that. So, just know that you have to take the bands off. You might be able to get away with hand-washing the lid, with the bands in place, but not if you pack something like spaghetti sauce, apple sauce, etc., where the food gets squished in to the band's little space. Its not hard to take them off and put them back on, its just tedious. But, honestly, totally worth it for such a cool, clicking, snapping, huge lunchbox. 

This Go Green Lunchbox is totally something that I would purchase for myself, or for a birthday gift, or even as a starter-bento box. Its similar to planetbox, but less expensive (and includes a water bottle). It is bright green and eye-catching. Olivia loves that about it. I would love to see maybe purple or pink, though. I'm a girly girl, through and through. 

As you can see, I could pack a LOT more food in this box. As it is, Olivia would not eat more than this. I think this box is really fun and will last through a growing appetite. A great investment.

** All opinions in this review are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated in any way to write this review.

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  1. I really like the idea of seperate containers with one lid over it all.Much easier in the contest of seperate containers.


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