Feelin' a little Froggy

Ribbit, ribbit!

Sophia is on a huge princess and the frog (pwincess and da fwoooogggg, mom!) kick the last couple of weeks. She is also on a HUGE bento kick! She's finally old enough to really "get" bento, and love it. Yesterday she carried around a piece of bread and some Chia ginger superfood cookies "i make pinto, mom!" for like an hour. She has also started creating "pinto" for us with her wooden melissa and doug toys in her little kitchen. I love it!

So today, when she went to the pantry...

Sophia: "I hungy mom, I wan bite bite!"
Me: "Ok! What do you want?"
Sophia: *walks to pantry* "I go dis way!"

.... hahahaha! I opened the door for her and she pointed to the bento boxes and said she wanted a "pinto pock" ... how could I refuse?!

I grabbed my cute z cute, and made a quick little lunch for her!

In this ELB, you will find:
A simple Pumpkin butter sandwich made with my cute z cute
Pirates booty
Pretzel crisps & horizon organic cheese

Simple, easy, and just the right size for a toddler. :) 


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  2. That is way too adorable <3


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