Will YUBO my Valentine?!

I'm so glad you said YES!

I'm feeling the Valentines' Day love this week. I am excited to say a huge fat THANK YOU to yubo for sending us a box to use & review!

I had been eyeing and drooling over these gorgeous boxes for ages, so imagine how happy this opportunity made me!

I love the Yubo box for so many reasons! Being eco friendly and BPA free are probably at the top of the list. Oh, and totally adorable, too. I can't wait to order custom face plates for it with Olivia's photo on them! I think the personalization options are beyond awesome.

The technical details of the yubo: Totally big enough to pack a lunch for an adult (mama might need a yubo, too!), while not so big you can't send a perfect meal for your tot. Olivia has declared the Yubo her new favorite box- which is a huge deal. She enjoys that its easy to open, and catches her friends' eyes when she uses it. We both love the little cooler plate that goes under the containers- it makes her box so much lighter (compared to days we use any other box/carrier/extra ice pack).

OH! Another huge plus for both of us- the yubo is an all in one system, which is a feature also boasted by planetbox, laptop lunches, etc., only... you don't need a separate case. That is awesome. You pack lunch in the yubo box and you carry the yubo box. No extra bags or anything! And the way the containers fit in the box (you can mix and match from the yubo site!), they're easily re-arranged so you can fit an organic milk or juice box in there. You can also purchase different types of inside containers- and extra accessories such as handles, ice plates, and lids on the yubo website.

And, as is every mother's dream... they go in the dishwasher. CHA-CHING! Winner winner, chicken dinner! LOVE!

Something you don't want to miss: yubo is now carrying Lunchbox Love on their website! Have you noticed the adorable little love notes I send with Olivia in her lunchbox? Well, now you don't have to just *wish* you had some! You can throw a set (or 7) in your virtual cart when you purchase your shiny new yubo.

Ok, enough gushing. It IS safe to say that my yubo is my, I mean, Olivia's, valentine this year. We love it! Thanks again, yubo!

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