I just LOVE you!

I am so excited for this entire week of lunches! Valentines Day is one of the most fun holidays, for me, as far as bento goes.

Probably because pink is my favorite color! ha!

In this easy lunchbox container you have
Pizza crescents
Pizza sauce in the little dipper 
grapes & a strawberry heart
Chobani's new Pear flavor, with sprinkles!
{{this new chobani is amazing! So far- EVERYTHING is! We are cho-freaks!}}

Pizza crescent rolls are easy peasy. Both kids like them (duh, who doesn't love pizza?!), and they're super convenient to make for dinner & lunch the next day. Olivia and Sophia both prefer only cheese pizza, so all I did was put pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on the dough before rolling it in to a crescent.  They're more like giant pizza pockets though, because once I stuffed them, they kind of lost their ability to create a crescent shape. 

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