Happy Valentines' Day!

Valentines day... the most [un]romantic day of the year! How will you celebrate?

I woke up earlier than usual this morning to make breakfast in bed for my husband & kids.

My family was happily surprised to find a "weekend breakfast" waiting for them when they woke up. 

Now, on to lunch! Olivia got in some trouble earlier this week (when do children begin listening to their parents? Because after 8 years, its still not going on much over here...), and I wasn't able to send a bento Wednesday or Thursday (part of her punishment was eating school lunch). Sad! It was as much a punishment for me as it was for her (thanks, Daddy)- Valentines is my FAVORITE time of year to pack bento!

In this Valentines Day Easy Lunchbox you'll find:
tiny hearts cut from strawberries, kiwi, asian pear, and cantaloupe 
red grapes on cute heart picks
blueberry cheese
Chobani Banana with heart sprinkles
Love You Trail Mix*

** The Love You Trail Mix recipe is as follows::
Chex cereal of your choice
toasted corn
roasted edamame
chocolate covered sunflower seeds

What is your favorite part of Valentines' Day? Besides receiving a gift, I mean! :) 

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