Crazy Arkansas Weather

... where to start!? I haven't posted since Valentines' Day!

We have been super busy! It has been snowing like crazy for a couple of days, then 70 degrees and sunny for a couple of days.. then more snow, more sun, and so on! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and today its raining and soooo cold- in the morning we're expected to have snow and ice! With all the weird weather, the school has gotten out early, or been closed.. or we haven't had groceries so I haven't made a photo-worthy lunch. We're all guilty of that, sometimes!

The week of Valentines' day, I made the trek to Mountain Home, Arkansas to get our sweet new puppy! I am very pleased to introduce you to Artemis. She is a french mastiff, and super sweet. My husband searched for her for months, we found a dog that was due for puppies around Thanksgiving. She was FINALLY ready to come home to us as our family Valentine! Mountain home is 4 hours away from my house, so it was a crazy long drive by myself. I enjoyed it though, listening to what ever I wanted to on the radio, and as loud as I wanted! It was so funny though.. it was nice and fine outside and on my way home it came a freaking blizzard! ha!

Here she is: Artemis!

And so today, when I finally got to make a decent lunch, I decided to go with a puppy theme.

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