"A mama peeeen-to!"

Sophia is growing increasingly aware that her sister has a gazillion lunch goodies. She is asking for "peentos" for lunch almost daily now! I love it L.O.V.E.I.T. love it! (haha Beth, you'll get that one).

Anyway, when I asked her today what she wanted for lunch she said she wanted a "mama peeento!" My heart melted! As soon as I opened the pantry, she started grabbing the lunchbot and yelling "yaya peentowwww yaya peentoooow!" (thats Sophie talk for Olivia's bento, Olivia's bento). ADORABLE.

Here's the little lunch I put together for Soph in Olivia's lunchbot. I need a lunchbot quad for Sophia size portions! :) You hear that, lunchbot?!

In this lunch you'll find:
The new PEAR CHOBANI (so good!) with hemp seeds and heart sprinkles
Honey graham sticks from Back to Nature
A clementine
Sliced grapes

And one of my favorite picks ever- my bumble bee! Thanks to my sweet Beth for the adorable bumble bee silicon cup!

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