Make Your Own Bento Thursday!

Anyone that knows me knows I really, really dislike cleaning the kitchen. Ok, well, I really dislike cleaning ANYTHING. So this morning when I woke up to my disaster of a kitchen that has needed to be cleaned for TWO days... I decided to let Olivia make her own lunch. This worked out quite well, because she was super excited to make her own lunch, and I had the kitchen cleaned before Andy & Sophia woke up. I also had a cup of coffee ready and waiting for my husband when he came in to the living room. Its the little things like that, that let him know I'm thinking of him. :)

Enough mush, on to lunch!

Olivia had a blast. The first thing she did was choose her picks. This was a big task- we have TWO tackle boxes full of picks. Sometimes... I think I might be a bento hoarder. Naaaahhhhhh.

She was seriously having so much fun. 

What happens when you let an 8 year old pack her own lunch.... she includes her Daddy's superbowl sunday little debbie treats (first time these have been in our house in YEARS!).

Time to strike a pose with her bento! She said its a Star Wars Valentines Superbowl Hotdog Dolphin kind of day. :D

Maybe we will make this our "thing" and every Thursday will be make your own bento Thursday!!

Maybe we'll put up a linkie!!

Would you and your little bento eater participate?

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