i LOVE zak!

Zack Morris- is that what you're thinking?! Nah. Me, either. I was more of an A.C. Slayter kind of girl. Muscles, muscles, muscles!! hahaha :D

I am talking about my zak! nibble tray! I haven't used it in ages- what with all our moving around and most of my bento stash being packed up in a cardboard box. Well, bento is BACK, ZAK! in the Poirier household!

I made Sophia a little toddler bento- much to her delight! She has been saying "I want a pento-pock!" all day.. that's how she says bento box. I even have an adorable video, but we were in the car rider line and the background music is pretty silly. Maybe I'll post it another time!

In Sophia's Zak! tray:
wheat bread & sunbutter mini sandwiches made with FunBites
a sweet & spicy kale chip**
pepperjack slices
bran & sesame stix
black beans with cucumbers

I really, really love our Zak! tray. It was a gift from a very sweet lady I met on an online forum when I was pregnant with Sophia. She sent the sweetest message, about my lunch making abilities and how sweet she thought I was... and I will never, ever forget. Thank you, sweet Alison.

{{ I want to thank my amazing IRL friend Beth over at A Boy And His Lunch for my super fantastic blog re-design. My heart is with the ocean, and this nautical theme makes me soooo happy! She is also having a Go Green Lunchbox give away- you should enter! }}

**look for the kale chip recipe in my upcoming e-cookbook "Get Your Healthy Glow" :D

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