Tiny trees

Hello! Happy Hump Day! :) It has been quite a while since I've posted. Don't worry, I've still been making cute lunches every day, I just haven't found them interesting enough to blog.

Today I want to show you a quick way to send your yogurt in your kids lunch. This idea was shown to me by my amazing BBF group, I can not remember specifically which one! I have several of my bento blogging friends' buttons on the right side bar, feel free to click through and see how wonderfully talented my people are! They're so amazing!

Ok, on to the yogurt!

I bought little Christmas tree ice trays at target last night. I spooned 0% organic plain Greek yogurt in the mold, then a dollop of honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Then I added a few sprinkles to look like Christmas "lights." So fun!

How do you send yogurt to school in your kiddo's lunch?


Bento Mojo

I'm not really sure where mine went! It's quite frustrating. I just do not have the desire or creativity lately.... And I feel kind of guilty about it.

..... And part of me doesn't even really care. :/ how do you get your mojo back!?

Thursday's lunch: dark chocolate dreams sandwich sushi with pepperjack faces, sesame and flax chips, quinoa sautéed with garlic and kale (fruit leather faces), grapes, "happy" fruit leather.


Its in the bag...er, box!

Who doesn't love a box of scrumptious delivered right to your door!? No one! What's not to love?

The folks at Naturebox were so kind and let my family try out their delicious delivery service. I have to say... It.was.AWESOME.!!

I might be lying if I said one of the best parts about naturebox isn't the fact that it feels like Christmas the day it arrives in the mail. Then again, I might be one of those people that treats every trip to the mailbox like it could be full of surprises (imagine my disappointment when all I get are bills or junk mail. Anyone want to send me a happy little post card!?)!

Of course the first thing I did was rip open the box and decide what could go where in a bento lunch for Olivia!

Bento in the lunchbot container. banana, pretzels, turkey "sushi," candy corn, Naturebox pistachio power clusters. Delicious!

A bento in the EasyLunchbox - chips, pb dolphin sandwich, cheese dip, yogurt with Naturebox trail mix, grapes, more trail mix.

Then (ok, maybe I did this part first!!) I pilfered through and tasted everything... and decided which little snack would be "for mommy only." (editors note: this didn't last long. My favorite was actually Sophia's favorite, too!)
oat bran and sesame stix.... these were gone way too quickly! 

Something else I loved about Naturebox: They team up with MOMables to bring you awesome recipes to make... using their ingredients! Pretty neat, eh? I thought so. 

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to the awesome folks at Naturebox for letting us try their product. And my husband would like to thank them too, for offering all of this awesomeness for only $19.99 a month. Because... I plan to be a life long customer. Hooray!