Biscuits (aren't just for breakfast)

That's right!

Actually, I can't even take credit for this idea. It's all pillsbury. Andy saw a commercial where they smushed the biscuit dough into flat circles and baked it. So, he was like "oh, do that for dinner!" Well.... We don't dictate dinner while we are staying with my family so, I tried it for Olivia's lunch.

She loved it! It's not the healthiest but it works for days I'm uninspired (seems like every day now), or in a rush.

Just smush, bake, and create.


Lunch Punch Give Away!!


I love give aways, and I LOVE the Lunch Punch! :) Who doesn't?

A lot of times, I think bento can be sort of girly. This doesn't cause a problem for me- I have two girls. Adorable little girly girls, that love getting hearts and princesses in their bento boxes. So, I think its pretty awesome that the Lunch Punch has boy friendly sandwich cutter sets. I also think its pretty awesome that they sent a set for me to give away! CRITTERS! The critters are of course, friendly for girls AND boys. What kid doesn't love an adorable elephant or puppy dog in their lunch box!?

I wish I could give every one of my readers an awesome LP set.

My favorite thing about The Lunch Punch cutters would have to be that they are STURDY and I can wash them in the dishwasher because I am a LAZY cleaning lady. I hate dishes, I hate cleaning. And these fit right in the top rack and stay in shape. 

The elephants are definitely my favorite. But, an elephant *might* be my almost favorite animal. I love them. I also love how LP cutters are often more than one piece. Being able to take the baby elephant and position it differently, or take the puppy out of its house, makes lunch a lot more interactive for kids that enjoy playing with their food... ie, EVERY kid on earth. :)

Here you see an adorable mama and baby elephant (or I suppose, it could be a daddy and baby.. let your imagination run free, haha), made from wheat bread and peanut butter. Nitrate free turkey, with pepperjack cheese "remember" (because elephants never forget!), a deviled egg (thanks, grandma!), mini pepperonis and pepperjack cheese arrows. Oh, and the cheese scraps folded up by the egg. And tiny organic licorice hearts, and a pink sour lemonade gummy (both from the whole foods candy table). This lunch is packed in the planetbox, and the tiny neon elephants came from the party goods section at walmart (wine glass toppers). 

Now, here's the exciting part! I want to give YOU a critter set!! :) 

You can enter several different ways.... The rafflecopter widget below has all the instructions. 

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Fall into... Fall!

Truth time: I am so ready for summer to be over! I am usually the person begging summer to stay... And this year it has been so hot I am just over it!

Bring on skinny jeans, boots, sweaters, and adorable scarves! Football season is here, and I'm ready to wear my razorback hoodies! :) And pack a couple of football lunches!!

Since today is the first day back after Labor day, the last "official" summer holiday... Today's bento has an autumn theme! Leaves, pumpkins.. And my favorite candy ever- candy corn!!