A Sweet Treat

Such a sweet lunch for a sweet girl! :) 

I found this raw coconut butter at whole foods and I just had to get it. Olivia is becoming a picky eater *eye roll* and so it has become very important to sneak in the good stuff. 

This lunch is packed (with love!) in the Easy Lunchboxes container. It contains Chobani lemon yogurt with fresh raspberries on top, a clementine, some sweet petite grapes (cute candy picks from AllThingsForSale.com), an ice cream sandwich (thelunchpunch.com), 2 vanilla ice cream marshmallows (mallow-licious at walmart), mini golfish, and a tiny black cherry licorice heart from whole foods candy bar.

Oh, and sprinkles on the ice cream sandwiches. The sandwiches are Justin's honey peanut butter and the raw coconut butter together. I drew the lines on the bread with a black food safe marker, then used some more coconut butter to make the sprinkles stay in place.

If you are attending my bento workshop in Greers Ferry, Arkansas :) this Saturday at 2pm, you'll be going home with one of these awesome Easy Lunchboxes containers!


  1. Interested to hear how she likes it! :)

    1. I'm hoping she doesn't even notice it. :) I'm afraid she'll come home with both sandwiches uneaten because there was something foreign on them. *crosses fingers*


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