April Foodie Pen Pal!

Hiiiiiii! :)

This is my favorite kind of post! Pen  pal reveal! Love it!

My penpal this month was Gigi, so sweet! I loved  the package I received from her. Well, WE received- she checked out my blog beforehand and was so kind to include things for my kids!

Olivia LOVED these and has asked that I buy some next time we go grocery shopping!

I am a peanut butter junkie and I can't wait to try the Justin's. I am already almost half way through the green tea, I drink a mug of it every night before bed (and sometimes in the afternoon). The peach is a great flavor and requires no honey or agave for sweetening!

I haven't tried the date cookies or oats yet, but the KIND pb granola is fantastic. I'm addicted. I sprinkle it on top of the TONE IT UP banana split breakfast, or just on a sliced banana, or with an apple. SO YUM!

Thank you so much, Gigi!! We loved the package!!

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