WOOHOO sprouts!

All day long, I have been craving brussel sprouts! That is *so* weird.. because I've only ever eaten them one other time in my life! And.. they were good, but not just oh so scrumptious, you know?

So tonight I decided to whip up my own sprout recipe, something a little more to my liking than the one I used before (I found it via Tone It Up!). I used pine nuts, just like the TIU recipe did, but I omitted a little and added a little. Bottom line: this is a SUPER easy peasy recipe and something that I really enjoyed!

You will need:
Brussel Sprouts, cut into quarters
Pepperoncini (I had to google how to spell that one) Peppers + some of their juice
Olive Oil (or try coconut oil for a little sweet/spicy taste!)
Crushed Red Pepper
Garlic Powder (or freshly chopped garlic- I was out!)
Raw Pine Nuts

Line a casserole dish with tin foil, spray with organic no stick spray. Then arrange your quartered sprouts and drizzle with 1tbsp (give or take) olive oil. Next, cut a tiny hole in your peppers and squeeze the juice over the sprouts (I also poured some from the jar onto my sprouts, I love the flavor!). Dice your peppers and sprinkle over the sprouts, seeds too. Then sprinkle the red pepper, pine nuts, and garlic over them as well. Bake on 350 for about 20 minutes (or 400 for 14ish minutes), then turn your oven on the highest broil setting for 2 minutes. This will make the sprouts a little crispy (you can skip that, if you don't like them crispy!).

I paired mine with baked chicken (Garlic Mrs. Dash, poppy seeds, chia seeds, balsamic vinegar & a tiny bit of olive oil) & a salad.

before baking (the kids half had no red pepper and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese).

my delicious dinner!

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