Advocare SPARK: a review

hi hi! :)

Oh... I thought I would make a VLOG (my very first one!) about this, but I tried it and I felt like an IDIOT! hahaha :) So, here I am, writing about it. How booooooooooring, to write on my BLOG, you say!? I agree. Maybe Olivia will make a VLOG with me on our vacation. CHECKING IN! :) woowoo!

Anyway, down to the business! I won some SPARK samples from my bffffffff beth over at The Fit Wife Life (if you don't follow her, do it!). She sent me cherry, tropical punch, and mandarin orange. I tried the tropical punch this morning, but instead of mixing it with only 8oz of water, I mixed it with 24. Why? I had already had 2 cups of coffee and I was going to the gym.... to run! :) It was nice to sip on. I drank about 8oz before I ever started running, and then had a few sips during the run. Which was only 2 miles, btw, because my KNEE HURTS SO BAD! :( sad face!

I didn't really feel super caffeinated (although SPARK does boast more caffeine than redbull... which I don't drink anymore). I will go ahead and say that is because I had two cups of coffee prior to drinking this. BUT I did notice that by the 2 mile mark I wasn't praying to the sweet Lord for mercy. Which is usually how it goes for me. Or at least for the time to pass faster. I think I could have banged out my first ever 4 mile run non-stop today... had my knee not been such a weenie. I am going to go ahead and attribute that to the SPARK drink.

I will try it one day without coffee. Maybe one of the days next week while we are in the hotel, and the coffee provided in the room isn't cutting it. Oh, and there won't be any fancy creamer, either. Yeah. :)

The tropical punch flavor was super yummy, and I'd like to say I'll order some to have around. It probably won't be an every day thing (I am really, really a coffee addict)... but its something that I can see myself using once or twice a week.. especially if I don't get to work out until the afternoon.

Beth sells advocare, so if you have any questions or comments (or want to order!) you should definitely do it from her. :)


  1. You should try the new Chocolate/mocha meal replacement shake that just came out 7/20/12 it's YUMMY.. Boost your metabolism by 30%.......

  2. can you only order advocare drinks from sellers or can you buy it in stores too?


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