Another round of 5 question friday, coming right up!

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why? This one is kind of hard. I really love going to Florida with my grandparents.. because well, any time I can spend with them is some of my favorite time. I love watching my Papaw do things with my kids that I remember (very vividly) him doing with me, as well. Like the year I got to watch him teach Olivia how to swim. In the same swimming area at the lake where he taught me. Anyway, other than Florida, I love St. Thomas USVI (enough that we are going to move there, if anyone ever buys our house... hint hint), and Paris. Oh, and Venice, Italy... Rome, Florence... anywhere in Italy!

2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Going to the gym. Wait, back that up. Paying for daycare for Soph so I can go to the gym. That, and all the tv I watch. You know, primetime tv is my best friend. Since the kids go to bed around 7/730... I get sooooo bored. And I'm all alone! So I just veg out to tv. When the desperate housewives are gone after this season- I will probably have to mourn the passing of my friends. One other guilty pleasure: Grace Hyde & Co. 

3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past? Oh this is sooo hard. I am in love with the 60s fashion. Seriously. I wear jeans and t's a lot, because well- lets face it, I'm not leading an entirely glamourous life (all the time). You can't be that totally into it mom in heels and full make up. Well, I can't- if you can, I would love for you to teach me how! Simple, yet chic- embroidered sun dresses, tunics, laid back sandals, natural. I will probably look like a hippie all my life. And I'm totally ok with that. 

4. What are your spring break plans? Going to Florida with my Grandparents. :) 

5. What baby names do you hate? Anything spelled so stupid the poor kid won't be able to spell it until middle school. My name is not even spelled that wonky (Kandice instead of Candace) but I could never ever find anything with my name on it as a kid. And when you're in 2nd grade, that stuff is important.

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  1. YOur # 5 is so hilarious and true!!! I am still bitter at the age of 31 that NOTHING has my name on it! :-) It is pretty traumatizing!


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