Starting the week right.

I would be lying to your face if I told you I had a good week last week. That's so negative, right? I know!

The new week started today, and I am so excited about it. I went out last night and had an AMAZING time with a few friends. I think I needed that desperately. I feel re-charged (even if I did only get 5 hours of sleep!).

I splurged quite a lot last night. I did NOT eat that entire dessert. There is a brownie hidden somewhere under all that ice cream & whipped topping.. I had a few bites. And it was AMAZING. Then I passed it on to someone else to have a few bites. Each of us girls bought either a bottle of champagne or an appetizer, and we had a grand time. Don't worry, after another bar we went to a dance club and I feel like I worked off most of what I consumed. :) 

Today was awesome. Well, yesterday I bought Olivia a new bike.

She was pretty excited. Then today I bought myself a new bike.

It's a "hybrid"... a cross between a cruiser bike and a 10 speed (this one has 7 speeds). I also bought one of those little cage things that you strap babies in to and pull behind your bike. I don't have it completely assembled yet, but hopefully while Sophia naps tomorrow I'll get it finished.

I taught Olivia to ride without training wheels today! This is a VERY PROUD mommy moment.

^^ Doesn't it look so bleak up there? Because it is. The weather man said it would be sunny and 60 today... It was overcast and the coldest 50 I've ever felt. I won't complain (much) I suppose, because at least there is no snow!

Tonight is the super bowl. Or maybe its going on right now. I don't really care for professional football. I think its a bit ridic those guys get paid so much... when they don't even *do* anything. They should distribute the NFL, celebrity, and politician salaries to educators and the military. Thats my opinion. Anyway, I just don't like NFL. I love college football, it makes more sense to me- pride in your school and representing where you're making a life and obtaining an education. Having said that, I hope the Patriots win tonight because my favorite Razorback QB Ryan Mallett is a bench warmer for the Pats now. Anyway, instead of watching that, or even the commercials, I'll be doing laundry. :) And planning meals out for this week so I can get back to clean eating. A rough emotional week makes me not even care. And I can feel the negative changes in my body, I hate it. I'm back, and I'm ready to be better than ever. NOTHING CAN STOP ME- only me! I will succeed.

How are you planning to make it a healthy week? What are your exercise plans? How are you keeping your Super Bowl party healthy, but fun? :) Please share!

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