Show a Little Heart

I would like everyone to take the time to read this, and spread the word for me! Its a day all about love, after all, and what greater love can there be than that of a mother for a child? NONE.

Meet my friend Jessica. She is an amazing person, kind, loving, funny, southern to the bone (in a good way), charming, fierce, and loyal. I'm proud to say that she is MY friend. That I get to text her or call her when I see something funny and feel the need to share it, or if I feel like my heart weights 800 tons and I need to unload. I consider myself so lucky that she randomly messaged me one day and even though I was practically a stranger, she unloaded her heart onto me. Its a day, while I'm so sorry that her heart bears any burden, that I'm glad happened to me- because I gained a friend.

Jessica has an amazing story of love, faith, her husband surviving a rare cancer, and trying to become a mother. She has gone through 2 failed IVF treatments and now they (Jess & her husband, Matt) are looking for the perfect baby to make their family complete. And by perfect, I mean available, and in need of 2 amazing parents.

You can read Jessica's entire story HERE.

Please be kind & share this message with everyone you know, so we can help them find a baby. Tweet this, facebook this, post this on your Instagram, your Path, put it everywhere.

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