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Tomorrow is Sunday and my first day of the 7 Day Slim Down. Did you notice the Bikini Body ticker I put on the top of this blog? My Spring Break Bikini Challenge ends on 18March but we aren't going on spring break until 7/8April. Anyway. The last time I attempted to do the 7dsd I bombed and quit on the first day. The first time I tried it, I completed it with amazing results. But I got SO SICK of the food- by day 7 I thought I would puke if I had to see another salad. So I've been prepping myself mentally for this all week. I had to, or I wouldn't be able to even try it. 

I found better running headphones today (I hope). I will try them in the gym Monday. And OH EM GEE I found an awesome running app that I can't wait to try!! Anyone out there obsessed with zombies? No? Just me? Nah... I know each and every one of you *secretly* has a zombie plan... and gas masks, flak jackets, stockpiled rounds, a few extra guns...

Check this out.

I'm more than a little excited. I can't remember which fit blog I saw this on.. it was a random pinterest click then a series of random tumblr clicking... but I am so excited that I found it! :) 

Tomorrow should be an easy day on the slim down, I have the food I need here at the house, but not enough for the week. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I'll have to go back several times throughout the week to ensure the freshness of my produce. I am excited. And ready to really kill it this week.

Goals for this week:
Stay on track with 7dsd
Finish each day strong, with a satisfied feeling about my workouts!
Remember: coconut water!
Go above and beyond with Olivia's bentos this week.*
Go through things for a yard sale I'm having next Saturday
Nail down a date to go HOME for a visit. I miss my family.
Run from the ZOMBIES!!!

What are your goals for the week? What are you doing to make sure you achieve them?

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