Miscellany Monday

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{ONE} I was going to see Mayday Parade tonight, but now I'm not. I can't tell you how incredibly disappointed I am to miss out on my very favorite band ever playing so close to me... but sometimes things don't work out. So, if anyone in the area wants to come get my ticket and go, you can have it. They're playing at the new daisy theatre in memphis.


I'm registering (as soon as it opens) to run the Color Run 5K in Kansas City! I am so excited! The reason I'm doing it in KC is because its in June. They have it in Nashville BUT its not until October and I really, really hope I no longer live here by then. I CAN NOT WAIT!

{THREE} What on earth is up with this weather!? Isn't it supposed to be in the 60s this week? Well.. It's NOT. :(

{FOUR} SHOP SHOP SHOP til you DROP DROP DROP. That is my motto for this weekend when I go to Huntsville to spend the night with my BFF BETH! We are having a girls day Saturday and I plan to come home with a ton of clothes. That is... if I still fit in a size 4 after last week's crappy eating (I do, don't worry.. I wore my new size 4 jeans yesterday. haha).

{FIVE} I DID NOT post my project 52 photo last week. I took one. Its sweet, of Sophie waiting for Olivia to get on the school bus one morning. But it is still sitting on the memory card.. in my camera. Yep. 

{SIX} My house is a serious disaster. Being blah for a week and not cleaning a single thing will do that.. especially if you have two kids. I'm avoiding cleaning it right now by blogging. *thumbs up*

{SEVEN} I want to do the seven day slim down again. But I can not find it in me to eat so rigidly... at least not right now. Which is really silly, it wasn't even that bad. But I think of spinach leaves and chicken....... and I cringe. I do know that I will do it the week before spring break. And the week before Andy gets home, whenever that will be. 

8. I am really enjoying THIS book right now!

It's a nice light read, after reading THIS book:

^^ That was a good book. A little on the dark side (oh, how I LOVE those types of books!) BUT it made me a little scared (you should never, ever, ever read a scary book at night when you're home alone!). 
I received this book from Melonie during the book swap over at The Nerdy Katie. 

She also gifted to me The girl with the dragon tattoo, and I can't wait to start it. I just thought I needed something less scary in between books. :) Also, once I start a series, its hard for me to stop until I've devoured every last literary bit. With all the traveling I have planned this weekend, its probably wise to wait until Monday to start it. :) 

{EIGHT} All this book talk makes me want to start (or join) a book club! The only problem is... I only know about one person that would actually commit and attend monthly (or every 2 weeks or whatever) meetings. Much less, a weekly coffee and book discussion party! Reading MWF seeking BFF is showing me though, that I am not the only woman with that problem. Luckily... A lady walked in to my life recently and I'm just going to trap her, and keep her forever. She's someone Olivia likes to call "Bretch," but really, she answers better to Gretchen. hahahaha :)


  1. that book looks great! love your blog! just started following you:)

    with love,

    follow me @ http://somethingbeautifultheblog.blogspot.com

  2. I want to join a book club! But there aren't any here, and I don't have the time to commit to start one. We could do a virtual book club, though! Or I could just move home. LOL

  3. Never heard of this book- sounds really good though! Definitely adding it to my book list!


  4. I've been trying to read Dragon Tattoo since Christmas! It's a slow start, but getting better


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