right, so..

I've started a new post 2x today... and I haven't finished either post. We literally have done NOTHING of interest. Seriously.

Yesterday I tried to start the 7 Day Slim Down, but my other TIU girls were starting today, so I decided to postpone and start today, too. I AM SO GLAD I did! This morning we slept in (last day of Christmas vacay, hello!) but I still managed to get a bootycall in. I did a TIU ab circuit and some Windsor Pilates sculpt. Sophie decided she needed to sit ON me while I was finishing up so... it was adorable but not a very productive last set. Then my sweet babysitter texted me and I was so excited.. FINALLY I would get to go to the gym! Nope. It was sooooooo crowded. All those people trying to make good on their New Years resolutions, I suspect. So I drove right on past the gym and came home. I downloaded the latest Drake album, the latest Weezy (hello, I love you, Wayne... come be my honey.. Andy doesn't care, I promise!), did some hooping (3lb hoop) and a 1.7 mile run in the FORTY DEGREE WIND ADVISORY! My ears were hurting SO BAD and my feet were SO COLD, but I got it in. I feel like a badass for it, too. :)

I would also like to mention that I drank my Meta-D AND got in the appropriate meals today... subbing a Lara bar for M4 (blueberry muffin!) and a really smaller version of M5 (2oz baked chicken on a romaine leaf with hot sauce- taco style). I haven't really been hungry all day, I think its because I got such a late start (9am wake up).

Random Facts for Today:
Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale = new yoga pants for meeeee :)
My think thin bars (2 boxes) shipped today!
Cecile gave me the most ADORABLE ipad case today- quilted and zebra print, my favorite!

Oh, one other thing. I'm going to participate in Project 52, and I am so very stoked to link up with Shawna from StyleberryBLOG. She is such an amazing source of inspiration to me- be it photography, DIY, motherhood (I learned all my cloth dipe knowledge from her and my sweet friend Melissa), or fitness. She's pretty much a know-it-all.. in the best way. :) I would love for you to do the Project 52 as well! :)

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