Miscellany MOTIVATION Monday!

Can I participate in two "days" at once? I think I can. :) So get ready!

1. The last week has been so crazy. Seriously, I have barely left my house. BUT. I did make it to the gym almost every day last week. I did eat clean all week. I DO FEEL GREAT! I lost an inch off my thighs. I lost an inch off my natural waist. I lost an inch off my abs (right around the belly button!). I lost an inch off my calves. I lost half an inch off my arms. I pushed myself harder than ever. I killed some awesome ab workouts. I have almost mastered my kettle bell (and I haven't dropped it on my face ONCE! biggest fear ever... "hey, what happened to your nose??" "Oh... I'm a klutz and I dropped my kettle bell right on my face because my hands were sweaty." hahaha). Oh, and I have decided I want to become a FitFluential Ambassador. So, if you don't already, click follow up there ^^^ and then go "like" my facebook page- I just created it last night.

2. 88. that is the number of ounces of water I consumed yesterday.

3. Girls' Night wine and apps:: I created an event (Feb 4, I  believe!) and I can't wait. So far I think 6 or 7 girls have confirmed. A night at uptown upstairs, wine, laughing, appetizers, laughing, adult conversations and high heels. That is whats on my agenda. I NEED THIS!

4. Sophia has become, over night, a diva. Ok, maybe not over night. And maybe Olivia calling her "Little Diva baby girl" doesn't help. But. It is what it is, and Miss S feels the need to accessorize 24/7. hahaha.

5. I am hosting the SPRING BREAK BIKINI CHALLENGE, and if you're interested in joining up, please leave a comment here or check out the facebook page. $20USD to enter, and the winner (biggest loser) takes all the cash. Its a great, fun and inspiring way to have fun, lose weight and enjoy a little friendly competition. :)

And NOW... the MOTIVATION portion of this post:::

THIS is what is motivating me this week!!!

this is the Betsey Johnson 'Romance' swim suit. This is what I want! Only.. its $98 PER PIECE. So, I'll aspire to this and buy something similar.. but not quite as pricey!

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  1. Aww love all your girl's accessories- what a cutie pie!


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