Miscellany Monday! :)

I love Monday posts. I adore Carissa, and I love her MM every week- always so many pretty pictures! Let's get started!

ONE. (yes, I am about to hit you up for MONEY. Don't worry, you'll love it). GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are HERE. And by here, I mean we are taking pre-orders, that will be turned in on 30Jan, and OLIVIA WANTS YOUR MONEY. Her goal is to sell 2,012 boxes of cookies, so she can have lunch with the CEO of Girl Scouts, win a laptop, and a stuffed giraffe. Big dreams in those little blue eyes. Anyway, we live in a TINY town, where we don't really know anyone! So, we are (like we did with the MagNut sale) shipping anywhere in the USA. Cookies are $3.50/box, 4 boxes will fit in the medium size USPS flat rate box ($10.95), and 8 boxes will fit in the USPS large flat rate box ($14.95). You can PayPal us (today I am setting up a bank account for the troop, which will get its very own PayPal account) OR you can mail a personal check made out to Girl Scout Troop 43098. Either way, Olivia would love to be your go-to scout for all your cookie needs.

TWO. I am back on the TIU and motivated 2012 wagon. Yesterday I cleaned out our cabinets, and got rid of all the junk food in the house. THIS IS MY YEAR. I want to have a flat stomach, bulging thigh muscles, and I really, really want to have muscular arms. Not I want to have... I will have. Just throwing this out there... You can do anything you put your mind to, and my mind is made up. No more wishing I was "that girl" looking fit and muscle-y in her clothes. I'm going to. And this is my year. This is MY LIFE. Why waste another minute of it being something I DON'T WANT TO BE?!

THREE. Branching out... is what I'm doing this week. I am going to attend a yoga class Wednesday (finally) and hopefully I enjoy it. Hopefully its easy and I can change to the Tuesday class.... which will leave me in a babysitting predicament, BUT I might already have a solution (that results in a coffee date) worked out in my head. That could be a win/win sitchy!

FOUR. Trip planning! My lovely, amazing, handsome husband will be home too late for Valentines day and too early for our anniversary... so we are planning a Valiversary trip! We are thinking a couple of nights in ATL or St. Louis. Not sure which yet, we haven't ever been to either place... but it would be such a fun road trip together and even more fun sleeping in and ordering room service. :) I love room service! We have yet to find any room service that matches MGM Grand's... or a hotel room that matches our celebrity suite there. Our wedding trip was bliss!

FIVE. Our house was shown last week. I haven't heard anything so I assume no offer was made (or if it was, it was way too low). Thats ok. My bootycalls this week are going to be raking the yard. Which is really what I should be doing right now instead of blogging. But my lunch date just got moved from tomorrow to today (yay, uptown!) so I probably need to get in the shower, anyway.

SIX. Olivia helped prepare dinner last night, and we had a really fun time. Salsa chicken, and kale chips. Both of my children love kale chips. Whats not to love?

SEVEN. I actually worked a little last week. Our babysitter is pregnant, and this is how she chose to announce to her family and friends the gender of their baby!

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