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Really, I am not having the best week. :/ I hate it when that happens. I seem to be able to go from my normal, happy flouncy bouncy self to a big, mean, irritable grouch in a matter of seconds. I miss my husband. He's super busy at work and I feel like we never get to talk anymore. I know what my problem is. I just have to suck it up, and get used to it. He will be home soon. Then I will have 30 days of perfection before we have to go back to living on different continents.

Today, to pick myself up, I am going to make a list of things going on that I LOVE right now. It will probably be random, and hopefully long. The longer it is, the better I'll feel. Ready, set, GO!

  • The gym. Its my new church. And that is how life should be (aside from your *real* church, don't get your panties twisted)
  • Today I had a workout partner
  • Today I was brave and did more than just cardio for the first time since Christmas (in the gym). I lifted weights, had adult interaction, and ended up with jelly arms. LOVED IT.
  • Eating clean. I have been doing so well, and I am so proud. I can tell, all over my whole body, such a huge difference. This makes me want to keep on. I'm not even really craving anything I shouldn't eat. Although yesterday was a *bit* stressful and I had a small handful of chocolate chips. But, I worked it off.
  • Dinner with friends this Saturday. Make up. I might even wear heels. Who knows?! I know I will indulge in a delicious glass (or two) of wine. Maybe I'll have champagne. OH MY GOSH or maybe I'll have something that is mixed with champagne. I know that I am so excited!
  • Gift shopping. Its someones birrrrrrthdaaaaaaaaay!!
  • Under Armor. Yep. I bought a UA sports bra last week, and I finally wore it today. UHMAZING. I can never go back to target sports bras again!
  • Olivia's first basketball game is Saturday morning! I can't wait to see her play. I hope she loves it. She has been doing well in practice... when she isn't dancing and playing. ha.
  • 3 weeks until my over night visit to my bff Beth! Sushi, the Melting Pot, and shopping at the "fancy" mall all day Saturday. Color me pink, I am so ready to see her!!! :)
  • The closet floors are being finished in the morning! A painter is coming to give an estimate, and the yard will be taken care of soon. 
  • One week until a day shopping trip with my 2 favorite people here. :) 
  • My bffffff Ang finds out pink or blue this week!
  • Lunch date with my friend Kristi tomorrow!
  • UV RAYS. Yeah, I said it. I've been laying in a tanning bed. My eczema is clearing up nicely, and that shot of Vitamin D is helping me fight winter blues. 
  • Nicole glitter nail polish
... Well, thats my list of positives. What are the positives going on in your life today? 

*** 3 days left to enter the Spring Break Bikini Challenge. Head over to my facebook page and check out the details! :) 


  1. Nicole Kardashian Kollection yuck!!! Hahah feel better <3

  2. You go girl! I'm so bummed I'm not on that list.....I was soooooo looking fwd to coming to visit next week, but I'm pushing my recovery process which isn't good either. Someday, when its meant to be. I pushed myself like crazy, GL & I ran errands & then went to friends house last night and today my back is killing me!!!! I knew it & I need to stop doing that to myself & realize its going to take time and be ok. I read this blog tho & my guilt level is insane.....I'm no where close to being able to go to the gym. Right now I can't lift more than a milk jug & no bending! *sigh*big sigh*


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