Goal: Achieved!

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{one} I set a goal for myself this week: 3 miles without stopping. Today I did 3.5... and its only MONDAYYYYY! I feel really proud!

{two} cheese overload. Yeah. I didn't do so hot at staying on track yesterday. I blame the cake I had Saturday night. I also ate 6. yes SIX oreos. Right before bed. :( No biggie, today was awesome, and I'm cool with that. :)

{three} water goal. Mine is 80oz/day. Whats yours? I'm currently 14oz away and then I'll have some hot tea before bed!

{four} Last night was spent in and out of the bathtub with on and off again tornado sirens. I really can't wait until I'm only dealing with hurricanes and not tornadoes. I've witnessed both and well... I'm less scared of hurricanes.

{five} Since we were up until 1am with stormy weather, naturally I overslept this morning. I slept right through my alarm, and the painters ringing the doorbell repeatedly. Luckily the doorbell woke Olivia up (at 0730!) and she got me up. She missed the school bus but hey, at least she wasn't late for school.

{six} I am so bored with the food I eat. So tomorrow part of my day will be spent (I should have done this yesterday) planning a menu... which also seems so boring to me. I do believe I'm in a rut.

{seven} I participated in a blog book exchange, and I am so excited about the book I gifted. Once my partner receives it (its an e-book, it shouldn't take long, haha!) I will post it. I love it, and I really think everyone should read it! :)

*** I have a request!! ***
Leave a link to your favorite recipe! Whether its on your own blog (hey, fitnessistas, I'm looking to you, here!) or on a website you love (Pinterest, maybe?), I want to see it. INSPIRE ME! Even if its not "healthy"....... maybe I can switch some things up and come up with a new healthy favorite. :) That would be, what I call.. winning. :)


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  1. Quinoa stir fry--without velveeta!!



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