The Challenge

Well, as most of my readers know, I am hosting (and have been hosting) a little fitness challenge. I used to call it a weight-loss challenge, but that is not the case. I am definitely a contender (although, by default I cannot win my own competition!), but I am at a point where the number on the scale doesn't matter to me (much). My ultimate goal by hosting & participating in these challenges is to gain muscle, and confidence.

I realized this morning, as I was going through the various posts from the contestants, that this challenge is a lot different than the first one I hosted. This is my 3rd time to host something like this. The first challenge I did through my business, "Kandice Poirier Photography." I had intended for the challenge to be more of a local thing, and I even got a few local businesses to donate prizes. Unfortunately, there was not a lot of interest where I live... and I ended up opening the contest to people nation-wide. The prize was ultimately a "glam session" by me- and the winner was a dear friend of mine that currently resides in Germany. In order to participate in the first challenge, the contestants were required to submit a bio to me, complete with full frontal and side view photos of themselves in tight-fitting clothing, a swimsuit, or shorts & sports bra. These photos were showcased on my photography facebook page and served as a reminder to one and all how hard these girls were working. Their end results were also showcased next to their "before" photo. This was great motivation.

The second challenge I hosted lasted only six weeks, but instead of attempting to do a local challenge (again, not enough interest), I nixed the prize packages and the entrants were only required to pay a $20 entry fee. At the end of the six weeks, the winner (biggest loser in weight %) took the cash. This was great motivation. The rules were only that you had to post your before photo (in a private group on facebook) and that you post a photo of your weight on the scale every Sunday by midnight. There was no special way to showcase the entrants, especially since I didn't host the challenge as a "business sponsored event."

The challenge that is currently going on started on 22January, and runs until 18March. I have 16 awesome women participating, and a prize of $320 to the biggest loser. I am so excited and pleased with the motivation and love these women show each other and me. It really takes a special group of people to nourish and educate one another in a positive way. The rules for this challenge are a little different. Each contender was required to pay the $20 entry fee, create a twitter account for checking in (and to be exposed to the amazing number of resources shared via social networking), create a toneitup.com free account (my life has been forever changed by the fabulous TIU trainers & team), post a "before" photo in the facebook group, and post their weigh in & measurements every Sunday.

After getting the group rolling, some of the ladies were a little uncomfortable with twitter (sometimes I forget that not the entire world has embraced social networking exactly as I have), and asked if that rule could be omitted. I obliged, but put in a bonus: if the winner at the end of the challenge HAS used twitter & TIU to their advantage, and not just once or twice, I will send the winner a TIU shirt or firedaughter shirt of their choice. This is a personal little gift from me to the winner, because I want everyone to be motivated enough to USE the resources at hand.

... Back to where I was going with this post! I want to take the time to showcase each competitor in this challenge individually, because I believe in these girls and I know that they have so much potential! I am going to showcase a few girls every week until I have gone through the entire group. Today I will start with the winner of my last challenge!

Meet Beth!

(I stole her facebook profile picture!)

Beth started my last challenge weighing in at 187.8lbs and came out the winner weighing in at 169.0lbs. 

Beth is a mother of one, a sweet little boy named Jacob. We actually "met" through our babies- yes- on the internet. Actually, on an iphone app called "baby bump." Our children are the same age, only a little bit apart. After my family moved back to Tennessee Beth & I realized we were only 2 hours away from each other. And since then she has actually grown to be one of my best friends. I know this because when something good (or bad) happens, aside from my husband, she is the first person I tell. I am so thankful for the internet bringing such amazing people in to my life!

We Aren't Scared Of Sugar: So, What is your favorite motivational quote?
Beth: "Eat to live, not live to eat." It's something I struggle with- eating because it tastes good, or I'm bored, or sad. Not because I'm hungry and need fuel.

WASOS: Tell us your favorite recipe.
Beth: My grandmother makes what she calls "eye-talian chicken tenders." Cut up some chicken into strips. Season with Mrs. Dash. Put the chicken in a pan with a little bit of butter or something to keep it from sticking. When the chicken is white on the outside but not done yet add about 1/2c zesty italian dressing (I've started using fat free dressing to make it healthier). The dressing will cook into the chicken. When the dressing is absorbed and the chicken is finished, add about 1/2c more of dressing. Cook on low until the dressing makes a thick sauce, then its done. It tastes a million times better when cooked in a cast iron skillet. Its really good served over brown rice, or quinoa. Its super easy to substitute the high fat ingredients with low fat options. And it makes awesome left-overs.

WASOS: What is your ultimate fitness goal?
Beth: I want to be healthy. I want to feel good and have energy. I want to look in the mirror and love what I'm looking at. I want to buy clothes because they are cute, not because they have one big enough for me, or that particular style hides my tummy. I want someone to look at me and say "I wish I looked like that."

See!? Isn't Beth inspirational?! Yes, she is. You can follow Beth on twitter @beth_winfield, and read her blog HERE. I think she should start a facebook page :) so we can all become her "fans." :)

You can keep up with how the girls are doing over on the We Aren't Scared Of Sugar facebook page! If you're not a fan already, go ahead and "like" it. :) 


  1. YAY BETH!
    Your before and after pictures look amazing and you look so happy!
    Good luck in this challenge!

  2. That's great! Incredibly inspirational and level headed. Here's to living up to life.

  3. You look great Beth!!

  4. Wow great results, I love that you do Fitness challenges with your friends - as a Beachbody coach, I do them as well. Let me know if you would like more info!


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