Love your sister, she's all you have.

That is a phrase that I will probably repeat often throughout this project. Its something that I always think of when I see my girls together, and something I always hear my mom saying when I am talking to my sister.

When we were kids, our Grandma Barb used to put blankets over the kitchen table so we would have a tea party tent. I never even thought to do that for my kids, I hadn't thought of those little tea parties in years. Last week I washed my comforter and draped it over the bar stools to air dry....

And my littles could be found there all afternoon, tea partying away. Talk about re-creating history. Talk about melting mama's heart.


  1. Hi! So cute :) I can't wait for my little girls to be old enough to play together.

  2. I have two girls too & although the youngest is only 5 months I KNOW that I 'll be seeing them in similar play. Are you linking up to other Project 52 blogs? If so id love to link up. Mine is at http://blog.mysanantonio.com/mytottravels ... great pictureof your cuties btw!


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