As an older sister, I know what it is like to always want to be there for my baby sister. For all of my siblings. I want to help them when I can, protect them from everything that is bad, show them I believe in them, I love them, and I will always have faith in them, no matter what choices they make in life or what they decided to do.

Olivia is such a mother hen. She is always right on top of Sophia making sure she stays out of things she shouldn't be in, and protecting her. When Sophie falls, Olivia wants to be the one to hug away her tears and pick her up. She is such an awesome big sister.. and I think Sophie knows that already. She is going to be Olivia's shadow for the next 11 years of Olivia's life. I already dread the sad little look on Sophia's face when Olivia moves away for college (whoa, slow down, mama!)

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  1. Don't think about college yet! Olivia looks like such a great big sister! My Project 52 post was about our "sleepless nights" with Ke'alohi teething at www.lucasandmahina.com.


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