the DRESS!

I was lucky enough to be the winner of the Shabby Apple give-away over at Karie's blog. And I have to say... IT IS AWESOME.

I ordered a size small, and I'm glad I did because if I continue to lose weight, this will be too big. Although, toning up is my priority and if the dress becomes looser.. I will have it altered. :)

You will have to excuse my photos... I don't have a full length mirror so standing on top of my jacuzzi tub is the only way to get a full body shot. haha. I love this dress and I can't wait for Andy to come home so I have the chance to wear it!! :) 

I have always loved Shabby Apple and this dress is just so perfect! I can't wait to shop their spring collection!


  1. It looks GORGEOUS on you!!!! Thank you so much for posting the pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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